Socio-Contest Streaming Network

Contestribe (Tribe of Contest) is a Socio-Contest Streaming Network. It is also a social media for contest and trade with respect to socio-data operations and live data streaming. On Contestribe users get to stream their favorite socio-contests and socio-reality shows as well as connecting, following, participating and interacting with contestants and the shows themselves. This means as a user (follower, contestant or contest sponsor/provider), you can actually watch and participate with socio-contests and live streams while creating socio-connections with your following/followers and exchanging these socio-data for value within the tribe community. Furthermore, as a way of exchanging socio-data for value, Contestribe also converts user activities into socio-digital assets which can be traded on Tribe Xchanges.

Use Cases of User Activities on Contestribe

Here, socio-contests and socio-reality shows with respect to tribe xchanges can be:

  • a regular social challenge with users activities;
  • a content driven contest where users engage by following or actually participating in the contest for a reward;
  • a live stream/reality show where followers watch and particpate with the contest host and contestants;
  • a competition hosted to specific group of people within a certain age, location, country, state, race, genre, interest, organization, workforce, community or tribe;
  • an aunction or bid to buy or sell or exchange value;
  • a sweepstakes or giveaway party hosted via normal social interaction or via live streaming where users (followers & contestants) get reward or gift from "giveaway party host" (contest sponsor/provider) freely or by completing operations and tasks or vice versa where "giveaway party host" is freely rewarded or gifted by followers or contestants;
  • a contest sponsor/provider hosting socio-contests and socio-reality shows where contest space can be monetized with respect to sponsorship and advertising placement within the contests, in this way contest host having lots of followers can make money by renting contest space to sponsors and advertisers during period of contest since they pull lots of traffic and user activities on page;
  • a vendor making money through tribe xchanges (buying and selling of tribe money, credits and giftcards) used in the tribe community;

and many more scenerios applicable to socio-contests and socio-reality shows (Socio-Contest Streaming Operations)

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